Income Earning Potential: Pulse API

The Pulse API is superfast.

It was designed to solve the problem of calculating
the future income trajectory of applicants in real-time.

No messy data pulls. No need to look into their bank accounts.

The ultimate tool for credit DECISIONS

Estimate the future income trajectory in milliseconds with the data you already have.

The Pulse API gives lenders the tools to check any future income in milliseconds, with consumer data you already know.

Built for lending
Built directly to match the workflow needs
Data you already have.
No invasive methods or additional consumer inputs
Query it in milliseconds.
Optimized run time even with advanced algorithms

Look into the future.
Let us do the heavy-lifting.

In volatile markets such as this, financial institutions want to understand the future earning potential of the applicants on their site. Nearly all providers of income data are focussed on past data (by reading historical payslips or extracting account transactions).

But you want don't want to know just the past, you care about what the future can look like.

Pulse instantly provides the earning potential of an applicant based on their job type, sector and other relevant traits - all over an easy to use API.
  • Understand the income elasticity of the applicant. Can they move into other similar roles quickly?

  • Income trajectory: Will their income growth be able to outpace the inflation impact in the near future?

  • How flexible are the income drivers and can they react to income shocks in the sector? 

Deploy the API

Research Mode
Academic only
  • For academia only

  • Up to 1000 queries per month

  • DIY support

  • Suitable for research teams

API only
  • Ready to deploy

  • High volume queries

  • Priority support

  • For mainstream lenders

Integrated Decision Platform
  • Ready for enterprise scale

  • High volume queries

  • Priority support

  • Platform for lending

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Make better decisions. the Pulse API was built in close partnership with lenders to help them look around the corner.

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In this market,  insights about the future matter most.

“Before the Pulse API, we were hacking together bits from various income data extraction tools and those methods just weren't robust enough.”

SVP, Risk Decisions

Leading Automotive Lender